What Does Project 2025 Bode for Older Americans? Hint: Nothing Good

The right-wing Heritage Foundation produced Project 2025, a blueprint for a second Trump term.  Though Project 2025 doesn’t specifically advocate for cuts to Social Security, the right-wing think tank has taken positions that would seriously undermine the nation’s most popular social insurance program.  On the issue of Medicare and prescription drug prices, however, Project 2025 explicitly calls for changes that could be devastating for seniors.  We chatted with our senior legislative representative, Maria Freese, about the implications of Project 2025 for older Americans.

Our Debate Takeaway: Trump’s Lies Undermine Seniors’ Earned Benefits

As seniors’ advocates, it is not our job to parse Joe Biden’s debate performance. It’s our job to tell Americans in straight talk who is telling the truth about Social Security and Medicare — and who will protect them as president. In last night’s debate, Donald Trump repeatedly spread disinformation about seniors’ earned benefits, while President Biden’s statements were consistent with the truth — and with his record in office of defending both programs.

Prescription Drug Price Reform of Historic Proportions

Those who refer to the Inflation Reduction Act passed by the Senate this past weekend as “historic” are not exaggerating. The Act represents the most muscular legislation to date to try to tame rising prescription drug prices, which can be devastating for seniors.

It’s Time to Bring Back the House Select Committee on Aging

Some two decades ago, seniors had a Congressional committee dedicated solely to safeguarding their interests.  Then the Republicans, led by Speaker Newt Gingrich, took control of the House for the first time in 40 years and shut down the House Select Committee on Aging.  Today, there is a movement to revive that committee – and there truly is no moment since 1994 when it has been so sorely needed.
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