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What  is Delay & Gain?

Throughout most of our working lives, we often dream of retirement and its promise of freedom from strict schedules, traffic jams, demanding jobs, overbearing bosses, difficult co-workers, physically tiring work, boredom or lack of wage growth.  The reasons to retire as soon as possible can easily pile up during a working life that spans decades. For many workers, the strong desire to stop working may cloud their decision about when it’s best, financially speaking, to call it quits. This could cause retirees, particularly women, to lose thousands of dollars of Social Security income over the course of their retirement, placing them in potential financial peril.

The Delay & Gain education project is for older workers who are nearing retirement. Our goal is to help near-retirees make informed, financially sound choices through an understanding of the increased Social Security benefits gained by a delay in filing their claim.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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