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Florida Seniors at Risk of Losing Social Security, Medicare Under Scott’s Harmful Plan

Florida’s Republican Sen. Rick Scott wants Congress to reauthorize Medicare and Social Security every five years. AP If there’s one state where people must truly appreciate the importance of Social Security and Medicare, it’s Florida. Nearly 5 million Floridians rely on these programs for financial and health security every day. For many seniors in the Sunshine State, their Social Security checks — averaging a modest $1,625 per month — can make the difference between financial survival and falling into poverty. Continue reading

Will Privatization Force Traditional Medicare Out of Business?

Five or ten years from now, seniors may wake up one morning and discover that their beloved Medicare program has been completely privatized. And it will not be because that’s what seniors want; it will be due to corporate influence and profiteering.

This Older Americans Month, Let’s See Bipartisan Success on Seniors’ Priorities

The theme for this year’s Older Americans Month — “Age My Way” — presents a golden opportunity to ask: are seniors able to age the way they want to in the 21st century, and how can we help them achieve that goal? For many seniors, ‘aging my way’ means remaining in their homes and communities — or what is commonly referred to as ‘aging in place’ — a choice that preserves their dignity and independence.

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All House Dems Should Cosponsor Social Security 2100 Bill

If you are represented by a Democrat in the U.S. House, chances are that your member of Congress has already cosponsored a piece of landmark legislation to boost and strengthen Social Security: Rep. John Larson’s Social Security 2100: A Sacred Trust. In fact, the bill currently has 202 Democratic cosponsors (and zero Republicans). But some Democrats have not signed on as cosponsors.


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