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Means Testing is the Wrong Approach to Medicare Expansion

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The debate over Medicare expansion has hurled a bad idea back into the public square:  means-testing seniors’ health care benefits. This is something seniors’ advocates have long opposed, because it would hurt beneficiaries and undermine support for the Medicare program itself. Means-testing benefits should have no role in the expansion of Medicare to include dental, vision, and hearing coverage — which are part of President Biden’s Build Back Better Plan working its way through Congress.

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Seniors to Benefit from House-Passed Build Back Better Plan

During a season focused on gratitude, American seniors should be thankful to House Democrats for passing President Biden’s Build Back Better plan. This historic legislation is the biggest expansion of the social safety net for seniors and their families in five decades.  It expands Medicare benefits, lowers prescription drug prices, and adds billions of new dollars for seniors to receive care in their homes and communities — improvements supported by majorities of Americans across party lines.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan Will Build a Brighter Future for Seniors

The bipartisan infrastructure plan that President Biden just signed into law will do more than build roads, bridges, and broadband.  It also will give a big boost to Americans’ retirement security. That’s because the new, higher-paying jobs the infrastructure plan will create means more money flowing into Social Security through increased payroll contributions. This new revenue can help extend the solvency of the Social Security trust fund, currently projected to become depleted in 2034.

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House Passage of Build Back Better is Something For Seniors To Be Thankful For

The House of Representatives passed President Biden’s landmark Build Back Better plan this morning --- a victory achieved by Democrats to benefit American seniors.  The House-enacted legislation represents the biggest expansion of the social safety net for older Americans and their families in five decades.


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