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With election over, seniors must buff up their armor to defend Social Security, Medicare

“It is not a stretch to say that, along with sending strong messages about the importance of democracy and reproductive rights, millions of voters said loudly and clearly: Hands off our Social Security and Medicare! That’s the good news,” writes NCPSSM President and CEO Max Richtman. “Unfortunately, a party that has never fully supported Social Security and Medicare from the very beginning won the bare minimum of seats needed to take control of the House in January.” Continue reading.

Seniors’ Champions Prevail in Key Races Across the Nation

“As the country awaits full election results, we congratulate all of the seniors’ champions who prevailed in key races across the U.S. last night. Several candidates who the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare enthusiastically endorsed have emerged victorious in both the House and the Senate. These wins represent a resounding rejection of MAGA-nomics by voters in bellwether districts and states. While clearly concerned about inflation, these voters have said ‘NO’ to more tax cuts for the wealthy and powerful corporations – and NO to cuts in workers’ Social Security and Medicare benefits, including reducing COLAs or raising the eligibility ages for both programs…”

8.7% Social Security COLA is a Band Aid, Not a Cure, for Seniors on Fixed Incomes

Next year’s 8.7% Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA), when combined with the recently announced decrease in 2023 Medicare Part B premiums, amounts to an average of over $140 more per month in seniors’ pockets starting in January.  

Entitled to Know

The Warnock-Walker Runoff Isn’t Just About the Size of the Democrats’ Senate Majority

While it’s true that a runoff win by Senator Raphael Warnock would give the Democrats a 51-50 majority, there is more at stake for Georgia voters – especially seniors.  They need Senator Warnock to remain in the Senate to fight for their vital Social Security and Medicare benefits – and to continue advocating for lower prescription drug prices.


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