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Payroll Tax Cut

President Trump’s Payroll Tax Policy is a Bad Idea on Many Fronts 

With all the other things in the news, it is easy to overlook the fact that the president’s proposal to defer Social Security payroll tax payments went into effect on Sept. 1.

Social Security Fund Would Run Out of Money in 3 years if Trump Eliminates Payroll Tax: SSA Analysis 

President Trump’s reckless pledge to eliminate payroll taxes would destroy Social Security as an earned benefit.

Eliminating Payroll Tax Could Deplete Social Security by 2023, Chief Actuary Warns 

Eliminating the payroll tax could deplete the Social Security trust fund within three years if there’s no alternative source of revenue, according to the agency’s chief actuary.

Payroll Tax Cuts Open Door to Harmful Social Security Cuts 

President Trump’s repeated insistence on a payroll tax cut via his latest Executive Order, will not only undermine the funding streams for Social Security and Medicare, it creates a high-risk environment for programs that have been the target of fiscal conservatives for decades.

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