Medicare Policy Papers

A list of documents covering topics such as healthcare, the donut hole, and prescription drug legislation.

Q & A Medicare Part B Premium

The Part B premium is the monthly amount paid by individuals for health coverage in Medicare Part B – a voluntary program that covers physician services, hospital outpatient care, durable medical equipment and other services including some home health care.

Q & A Medicare Part D

Since 2006, a privatized Medicare prescription drug program has been offered to seniors. The Part D program provides drug coverage through numerous private insurance companies, and it seeks to control prices through competition between the plans.

Expand Medicare: Petition

Medicare provides health insurance for more than 52 million Americans, half of whom live on incomes below $23,500 per year. Medicare households now spend on average 15% of their income on health coverage, which is three times more than younger households spend for health coverage. There are gaps in Medicare’s coverage including basic dental, hearing and vision services.

African Americans and Medicare

Are you one of 2 million Medicare beneficiaries missing out on Extra Help with prescription drug plan costs?

Hispanics and Medicare

Hispanic Americans, the largest and fastest growing racial/ethnic group in the United States, are likely to have higher risk for certain chronic or serious health conditions, such as diabetes, than White Americans, yet face several barriers in accessing health care coverage.

Medicare Fast Facts

Fast Facts About Medicare.