About Our PAC

The National Committee’s Political Action Committee (PAC) is an influential,  member-supported arm of the organization. For more than 30 years,  the PAC has endorsed and/or provided financial support to more than one-thousand candidates, incumbents or challengers in House and Senate races for the general election cycles.  

Any Democratic, Republican or Independent candidate who is seeking an endorsement or support from the National Committee PAC is asked to complete an NCPSSM candidate questionnaire and meet with the PAC interview team. An invitation to meet with the PAC is always extended to the opponent.  The PAC Board, comprised of two members of the Board of Directors, the President/CEO, the PAC Director and Government Relations and Policy Director, meets weekly to review all requests for endorsements or financial support.  Members of the PAC will often participate in endorsement events for candidates and incumbents in their home states/districts. 

The National Committee PAC also prepares a voting guide exclusively for its members to provide them with an accurate scorecard for how their Senators and Representative voted on seniors’ issues during the most recent legislative session.  

Only current NCPSSM members may contribute directly to the PAC.

2020 Election News

Politico: It’s 2 Primaries Now: Biden and Everyone Else

The emergence of the dual-track primary reflects a turning point in the campaign. For months, the primary had unfolded at a cautious distance – a wash of candidates largely sidestepping each other as they swept into early nominating states and onto the nation’s airwaves. But the unexpected resilience and seeming durability of Biden’s candidacy has forced a quickening of the pace.

Wall St Journal: American Voters Have a Simple Health-Care Message for 2020: Just Fix It!

Now, fearful of pushing too hard, some Democratic presidential candidates—including Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Cory Booker of New Jersey—are distancing themselves from some ideas welcomed by their base, including a plan to provide government care to everyone, known as Medicare for All. That plan and others are seen as extreme by many Republicans and less-liberal Democrats.

Democrats Roll Out $90 Million Super PAC Aimed at Swing States

The nation’s largest super PAC devoted to grassroots Democratic turnout is launching its organizing efforts earlier than ever in seven swing states with a new campaign director and its largest budget to date: $80 million to $90 million.

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