About Our PAC

The National Committee’s Political Action Committee (PAC) is an influential,  member-supported arm of the organization. For more than 30 years,  the PAC has endorsed and/or provided financial support to more than one-thousand candidates, incumbents or challengers in House and Senate races for the general election cycles.  

Any Democratic, Republican or Independent candidate who is seeking an endorsement or support from the National Committee PAC is asked to complete an NCPSSM candidate questionnaire and meet with the PAC interview team. An invitation to meet with the PAC is always extended to the opponent.  The PAC Board, comprised of two members of the Board of Directors, the President/CEO, the PAC Director and Government Relations and Policy Director, meets weekly to review all requests for endorsements or financial support.  Members of the PAC will often participate in endorsement events for candidates and incumbents in their home states/districts. 

The National Committee PAC also prepares a voting guide exclusively for its members to provide them with an accurate scorecard for how their Senators and Representative voted on seniors’ issues during the most recent legislative session.  

Only current NCPSSM members may contribute directly to the PAC.

2022 MidTerms

The 6 Highest Spending Senate Campaigns

Fundraising data from the first three months of 2022 show where campaigns and super PACs are so far spending big. They indicate which races could determine control of the Senate.

Iowa’s First-in-the-Nation Status in Jeopardy

The Democratic Party’s Rules and Bylaws Committee voted to open up the calendar for nominating contests – likely ending the state’s half-century status as first in the nation.

A Democratic Super PAC’s Ad Buy Shows a Widening Battle for House Control

Spending is projected at nearly $102 million to reserve advertising time in 51 media markets, staking out a broad battlefield for the coming midterm elections.

GOP’s Senate campaign chief won’t back down from party fight

Barely halfway through his first Senate term, the Florida Republican is already leaning into a fight against his own party’s leadership as he pushes a handcrafted policy agenda that many Republicans reject.

Democrats are trying to sell Biden’s agenda. But key voters aren’t paying attention

Americans are typically not highly engaged with politics in the summer of a non-election year, still exhausted after former President Donald Trump’s chaotic tenure and disheartened by enduring political divisiveness.

Why Long-Shot Candidates Are Raising More Money Than Ever

Among non-incumbent candidates running for the House in 2022, the top fundraiser is a Democrat with no political experience running in a deep-red seat in Georgia’s 14th Congressional District.

What All Those House Retirements Mean For Democrats So Far

Republican House members are retiring too, but most hail from safe districts at this point.

Can Biden Defy History in 2022?

Conventional wisdom says the Democrats are finished after the midterms. But the conventional wisdom might be wrong.

Addition Without Representation

On paper, newly released census numbers should result in increased minority representation and a Democratic advantage in Congress. But that’s not how it’s shaping up.

New spotlight on secretaries of state as electoral battlegrounds

Democrats and Republicans are preparing to pour millions of dollars into races for secretary of state in half the states next year amid a new recognition that those who oversee the electoral process can play pivotal roles in deciding an election’s outcome.

N.J. becomes slightly more Republican in June

GOP outpaces Democrats by more than 2-1 in new party registration, but Democrats still have 1 million more registered voters.

GOP Voters’ Post-Riot Departures Help Trump’s Base Cement Grip

The shifting dynamics could sway the outcome of GOP primaries next year in several states where most if not all the voters must be registered Republicans.

What All Those GOP Retirements Mean For The 2022 Senate Map

It’s only January 2021, but three Republican senators have already announced their intentions to retire in 2022. Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina, Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and on Monday morning, Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio joined them.

2022 Midterm Election Calendar

Voting in your 2022 primary election is as important as voting in the general election. Your vote will help determine who controls the future of your Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits as well as other programs that help older workers, retirees, the disabled, their families and caregivers. Please use this election schedule to verify when the primary will take place in your state. Make sure that you understand what your state and local voting laws are, and VOTE!

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