The Best Mother’s Day Gift of All: Retirement Security

Let's add something to the gift list for mom this Mother's Day along with flowers and candy: financial security in retirement.   Our nation's mothers – indeed, all American women – are at greater risk of financial insecurity in their senior years than fathers (and other men). For myriad reasons, the women in our lives are less able to save for retirement than men, and their Social Security benefits are typically lower.
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America’s Gender Pay Gap Lasts a Lifetime

We've written a lot about how pay inequity has hurt generations of working women, not just while they're on the job, but lasting throughout their retirement.   The economic challenges facing American women in retirement is the heart of our “Eleanor's Hope” project, designed to raise awareness and advocate for legislation to address the inequities threatening millions of retired women.
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Women on 20s and the Social Security Connection

A woman's place is on the money” is the catchy tagline of a growing national movement to put an American woman trail blazer on the $20 bill.  It's pretty fitting timing given that it's Women's History month and a long overdue improvement if you consider that the Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea dollars (when's the last time you used one of those?) are the only places women are represented on our currency.
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Poorer, Older and Sicker: The Challenges Facing America’s Senior Women

The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare was joined by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-WI), NOW President Terry O'Neill and Tufts Health Plan President/CEO, James Roosevelt, Jr. on a press call today to announce the launch of a new national initiative called Eleanor's Hope, to help bring an end to the disparity between men's and women's income, health and retirement security.
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