A new Rasmussen poll highlights the absurdity of Congress’ decision to swoop in and prove they can “work together” – at least when it’s in their own best interests – by lifting the sequester’s impact on the FAA.

“Congress cited public outrage as the reason for moving swiftly to end flight delays caused by the sequester. However, very few Americans were actually impacted.” 

In fact, only 16% of Americans even know anyone impacted.  Commentator Richard Eskow was among that tiny minority. He offers these thoughts:

“At no point during my mini-“ordeal” did I think “Boy, I’d be happy to cut my Social Security and everybody else’s too so this won’t happen again.” The thought never even crossed my mind.

So I was disappointed when the President used his weekly national address to push, not for a total repeal of the sequester, but for his “compromise” austerity budget – a budget which includes unnecessary cuts to Social Security. The title of his address – “Time to Replace the Sequester with a Balanced Approach to Deficit Reduction” – betrays a continued unawareness of either the pain caused by these unwise cuts or the shifting economic reality which has discredited Washington’s deficit mania.

The only sensible thing to do is to cancel the entire sequester. And stop trying to use it to gin up hysteria so they can put through other unpopular cuts. Just can it.”

As a reminder, here are just some of the real cuts Americans face because of this sequester:

  • Thousands of cancer patients are being turned away from cancer clinics for chemotherapy treatments due to Medicare cuts

  • 140,000 low-income families – mostly disabled elders and families with children – are losing rental assistance vouchers

  •        70,000 children are being kicked out of Head Start programs
  •        The Caregiver support program will be cut by $12.6 million
  •        The Meals on Wheels program will be cut by 17 million meals

“Michele Daley, director of nutrition services at the Local Office on Aging, which serves Roanoke, Alleghany, Botetourt and Craig counties in Virginia, said the agency expects to receive $95,000 less in federal funds this year (it has an operating budget of $1 million). They’re gradually reducing the number of people receiving daily meals from 650 to 600 as a result of the budget cuts. Already, the office has planned to stop handing out most emergency meals — bags of shelf-stable items like canned beans distributed in advance of snowstorms and holidays. And they’ve instituted a waiting list. “We’ve never had a waiting list,” Daley said. “This is the first time ever and it’s a direct result of sequestration.” Huffington Post


Time Goes By blogger, Ronni Bennett expressed the frustration so many feel (outside the Beltway anyway),

“Judging from past performance and publicly professed ideology, I would have thought there are several senators who coulda/woulda/shoulda stopped this legislation: Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), maybe even my two Oregon senators, Democrats Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley.

But no. Not one senator (nor even the president) took a principled stand for needy elders, children and their families not to mention Medicare cancer patients denied chemotherapy drugs, some of whom will die as a result. (Yes, they will.)

But never mind. Congress members and rich people will not be caused “unnecessary harm,” (as White House Spokesman Carney so helpfully explained) by airport delays. This is the country we live in now. “

Rather than end on such a down note, we thought you’d also enjoy comedian Jon Stewart‘s take on the whole ridiculous situation and Mike Thompson’s editorial cartoon to help soften the edges of your outrage:

 Mike Thompson:  Detroit Free Press