The Honorable Janet Protasiewicz
Janet for Justice
1314 S. 1st Street, #145
Milwaukee, WI 53204

Dear Judge Protasiewicz:

The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare PAC, on behalf of over 41,000 members and supporters in Wisconsin, and millions across the nation, is proud to endorse your candidacy for election as a Justice of the Wisconsin State Supreme Court. 

In the upcoming April 4th Supreme Court election, saving Democracy is on the ballot.  Sadly, the rights of voters in the Badger state have been undermined by the gerrymandering of political districts and by state laws intended to suppress the vote.  Given that these issues and laws could come before the Wisconsin State Supreme Court in the near future, we believe you – rather than your opponent – appreciate that democracy is dependent on judicial review that ensures free and fair elections are held in your state.

And, free and fair elections are the only way older Wisconsinites have a fighting chance to elect candidates that value the earned economic and health security they receive through Social Security and Medicare.  Without the check on the state legislature and governor that you would provide as a Supreme Court Justice, the deck can be stacked against older voters. 

What’s more, your opponent’s past statement that Social Security is “involuntary servitude” by taxpayers to benefit those whom he described as “people who have chosen to retire without sufficient assets to support themselves” demonstrates he is out-of-touch with how badly working and middle class Wisconsinites have been squeezed by decades of stagnant wage growth and the erosion of employer-sponsored retirement benefits.  Unlike your opponent, we are confident that you would value the dignity and independence of retirees in Wisconsin who worked hard, paid their taxes and played by the rules.

The members and supporters of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare living in Wisconsin know they can count on you to respect their rights and care about their wellbeing. The choice is clear, and on April 4th Wisconsin voters have a chance to send a friend of seniors to the Wisconsin State Supreme Court. 


Max Richtman
President & CEO
Chairman, NCPSSM-PAC Board of Directors