The National Committee-endorsed candidate in the pivotal Wisconsin State Supreme Court race prevailed in yesterday’s elections.  Judge Janet Protasiewicz bested her opponent, Daniel Kelly, by 10 points on Tuesday, changing the complexion of the court. Liberals will now be in the majority for the first time in some fifteen years.

NCPSSM’s political action committee (PAC) does not usually weigh into state political races, but made an exception with Protasiewicz because of the stakes for seniors – both directly and indirectly – in this election. Protasiewicz’s opponent, Judge Daniel Kelly, had characterized Social Security as “involuntary servitude” by taxpayers to benefit those whom he described as “people who have chosen to retire without sufficient assets to support themselves.”

“Unlike Judge Kelly, we are confident that Janet Protasiewicz values the dignity and independence of retirees in Wisconsin who have worked hard, paid their taxes and played by the rules,” said Max Richtman, President & CEO, National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

Voter rights — including the rights of older Wisconsinites to vote for pro-senior candidates — won yesterday in Wisconsin,” said NCPSSM PAC director, Dan Adcock.  “As a justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court,  Janet Protasiewicz will protect democracy by ensuring free and fair elections are held in the Badger state.  Congratulations to her for an impressive victory!”  – Dan Adcock, NCPSSM PAC Director

The Wisconsin Supreme Court election was dubbed the most high-stakes race of 2023. Protasiewicz’s victory will help determine the future of gerrymandered legislative maps drawn by Republicans – and voting rights issues in a pivotal state heading into the 2024 presidential elections.  These electoral issues have the potential to affect policy on the national level, including the future of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid – all three of which are under attack by Republicans.

“Free and fair elections are the only way older Wisconsinites have a fighting chance to elect candidates that value the earned economic and health security they receive through Social Security and Medicare.  Without the check on the state legislature and governor that Judge Protasiewicz will provide as a Supreme Court Justice, the deck would have been stacked against older voters.” – Max Richtman

Protasiewicz, who pulled off an impressive state-wide win, told a “jubilant” crowd in Milwaukee last night, “Our state is taking a step forward to a better and brighter future where our rights and freedoms will be protected.” In true MAGA fashion, her opponent refused to concede graciously after Protasiewicz became the projected winner, characterizing her “an unworthy opponent.”  As the New York Times reported, Daniel Kelly called his rival’s campaign “truly beneath contempt.”

“Today’s results mean two very important and special things,” Judge Protasiewicz said. “First, it means that Wisconsin voters have made their voices heard. They have chosen to reject partisan extremism in this state. And second, it means our democracy will always prevail.”