One of the biggest frustrations we face as Social Security advocates is countering the huge amount of money and political propaganda invested to convince America’s young workers that they have to destroy Social Security to save it.  Going back as far at the 1980’s the strategy by those opposed to Social Security’s existence has been clearly articulated…they needed to undermine young people’s confidence in the program before Gen X and Y have a chance to see first-hand how important Social Security will be to their financial security.  

That’s why it’s so encouraging to see that not all young workers are buying the lie about Social Security.  The National Academy of Social Insurance’s new guide A Young Person’s Guide to Social Security, is written by and for America’s young workers and goes a long way to help provide some desperately needed Social Security myth-busting.    

Don’t have time to read the report?  OK…here’s the video.  Watch it and share with your friends, no matter their age.