When someone tells you it?s no big deal for Americans to work until they?re 70, chances are that person:(a) has an office job (b) earns income in the top-half of American wage earners(c) has access to generous health care coverage This is exactly the demographic that the the Social Security Administration and CBOsays has benefited most from two decades of longevity increases that far exceed what the rest of America has seen. These demographics also explain why the idea is so popular among six-figure income Washington politicians, bureaucrats, and think-tankers, including some members of the President?s Fiscal Commission. Not so much— among the rest of America.While higher income Americans may indeed be ready, willing and able to extend their work-lives to age 70…what about your 56 year old uncle who?s a mechanic (bricklayer, plumber, truck driver, waiter…you get the idea) who?s knees (or high blood pressure, stroke, Alzheimer?s, diabetes) will force an early retirement at 62? Unfortunately, it?s these working Americans who will pay the price for years of fiscal irresponsibility in Washington, if we raise the retirement age to 70 to reduce a deficit that has nothing to do with workers or their Social Security benefits.This is the topic of the latest video in our 75th Anniversary Celebration series ?Keeping the Promise?. Take a moment to watch and then share it with your friends and family.