National Committee?s Truth Squad Arms Americans with the Facts about Vital Seniors’ Programs and Our National Debt

America?s seniors have a huge stake in the national economic debate. Unfortunately, fiscal hawks have launched a well-publicized misinformation campaign to persuade Washington that Social Security is to blame for our fiscal mess when, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Social Security has not contributed one dime to our federal debt; however, it is being targeted to pay the price.To counter the misinformation, the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare has mobilized a Truth Squad to give seniors the facts about Social Security and Medicare and the roles these vital programs play in our budget debate.The Truth Squad campaign includes:

  • The ?Whopper of the Week? highlighting the latest false claim plus our myth-busting response
  • Myth-busting fact sheet which details the Myths being spread and the Facts to rebut them
  • Social Security and Medicare Tool Kits to help activists engage
  • Online E-card to send to your members of Congress
  • Our Legislative Action Center with sample letters that can be emailed directly to Congressional representatives and your local newspaper
  • ?Washington Watch?, providing the latest news on efforts to target Social Security & Medicare for cuts
  • Send a postcard to the White House in our ?Cutting Social Security Makes No ?Cents? Campaign?

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