National Committee President/CEO, Max Richtman, attended a White House meeting today with labor and progressive leaders in advance of this week’s lame duck Congressional session and the so-called “fiscal cliff” debate.

He says today’s meeting marks the beginning of an old debate…in a very new and improved political environment. That could be very good news for Americans who voted to preserve vital programs, like Social Security and Medicare, serving millions of average Americans and their families: 

“Today’s meeting with President Obama, Vice President Biden and their economic team signals a new beginning in our national debate about America’s economic priorities.  I left today’s meeting very encouraged about the Obama administration’s goals for the lame duck Congress and the upcoming debate of the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’.  The truth is America does not face an ‘entitlement crisis.’  We should not be cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits to put our fiscal house in order.  Instead, Washington should be focusing on the true challenges facing our nation – growing our economy, creating jobs, and reducing healthcare costs system-wide (not just in Medicare). 

Social Security has not contributed to this economic mess and should not be used as a bargaining chip in the deficit reduction debate.  President Obama agrees and he has the support of the American people to back him up.” …Max Richtman, NCPSSM President/CEO