Cutting Medicare and Social Security is NOT Fiscal ResponsibilityA new round of radio ads, part of the ?Hands Off Campaign? sponsored by The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare (NCPSSM), began airing June 6th on radio stations in six Congressional districts nationwide: Florida?s 9th & 22nd, Pennsylvania?s 3rd & 11th, Wisconsin 7th and North Carolina?s 11th. This is what our Executive VP toldhad to say about the Florida ad campaign:

?Congressmen Bilirakis and West both voted in support of the GOP/Ryan Budget bill, which would destroy Medicare as we know it. That vote is out of touch with the vast majority of Americans of all ages and political persuasions who do not want to balance the budget by cutting Medicare or Social Security. This ad campaign is designed to remind these members of Congress that Americans do not support trading away Medicare?s guaranteed coverage for a privatized voucher system that would double seniors? costs in the future.?Max Richtman, Executive Vice President/Acting CEO

Along with their opposition to cutting Medicare, a recent Social Security poll of likely Florida voters showed that strong majorities declare they?ll support the candidate who argues for protecting this vital program rather than cutting it to pay down the debt.The Florida radio buy is just one part of the National Committee?s ?Hands Off Campaign?. Launched earlier this year, the campaign continues to organize and inform older Americans about the ongoing budget debate in Washington and its impact on programs touching the lives of virtually every family. Other elements of the campaign include:

  • Engaging our large and growing communities on Facebook, Twitter and our Blog ?Entitled to Know? in a number of ways to keep the pressure on.
  • Thousands of E-cards have been delivered to the key political players in Washington who are deciding the fates of these vital programs.
  • The National Committee?s Truth Squad busts myths and provides the facts about Social Security, Medicare and our fiscal crisis.
  • National Committee members and supporters have delivered more than 1 million letters and petitions to Congress urging Washington to preserve Social Security and Medicare rather than targeting these vital programs to balance the budget.

The National Committee has a successful track record in protecting the Social Security and Medicare benefits paid for by American workers and retirees including the fight to defeat President Bush?s proposals to privatize Social Security. By engaging and informing America?s seniors through similar ad campaigns, member mobilizations and grassroots efforts nationwide, our members have said, loud and clear, they?re ready to fight against those in Washington willing to trade away the nation?s most successful government programs.