For weeks our Mobile Billboard trucks have been covering every mile of official Washington as part of our national “Hands Off-No Cuts” campaign. We thought our many energized volunteers and supporters (especially those who don’t live in D.C. and can’t see them firsthand) would like to a get a look at the trucks in action.We followed our drivers for a day on October 13th, including some great stops at the Occupy DC event. We?re circling the Capitol, the White House and all the high traffic areas used by Washington?s most influential leaders. And the billboards are WORKING! The message “No CUTS to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid? is getting through! We?ve heard from people all over Washington who?ve seen our billboards driving past their offices.Also, every day someone asks us “What Can I do?” The answer’s easy…help us keep the trucks rolling! We’ve created a Keep the Message Rolling link on the campaign website and our Facebook page- Support Us tab where we’ll gladly accept any donations toward a tank of gas to keep us on the road.Here is just a quick video highlighting our day: