As part of our on-going series EQUAL TIME, today we take on a story which appeared in TIME’s business report.


“Report: Fix Social Security Now – or Pay a Stiff Price”

Dan Kadlec, Reporter


“…a 16.5% across-the-board cut in benefits or a 20% cut for new beneficiaries, according to the report from the bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. That’s not painless. But it beats the alternative.”


Time Business Reporter Dan Kadlec took the concept of fair and balanced and threw it out the window while dutifully reporting the myopic results from one of Washington’s well-financed austerity lobby group’s “report” urging cuts to Social Security benefits.  Incredibly, in his 447 words of coverage, not one was offered with alternate solutions offered by countless organizations proving you don’t have to slash benefits to keep Social Security strong for generations. In NCPSSM’s report, “Breaking the Glass Ceiling” we detail many other options which would not only close the 23% funding gap in 2033 as predicted by the Social Security Trustees, but also would not require harmful cuts for millions of working Americans who will rely upon their Social Security benefits for the majority of their income during retirement or disability.