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If You’re Still Working When You Turn 65, Be Sure to Avoid Costly Mistakes with Medicare

Workers who are nearing age 65 and have health insurance through their job may want to consider how Medicare could factor into their medical coverage. While not everyone must sign up for Medicare at that age of eligibility, many are required to enroll — or otherwise face lifelong late-enrollment penalties.

Who Will Care for ‘Kinless’ Seniors?

Nearly one million Americans have no immediate family members to provide assistance if needed. The number is expected to grow.

Medicare enrollees warned about deceptive marketing schemes

In Ohio, for example, older adults received mailers resembling federal government tax forms that featured promises of bigger Social Security checks if they enrolled in a new Medicare Advantage plan.

Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage

Decoding Medicare health insurance plan options can be daunting for beneficiaries. This comparison helps explain the differences.

The Latest Shopping Resources and Trends for Caregivers

Manufacturers and retailers are focused on filling the gap for older adults and caregivers.

4 Big Expenses to Plan for Ahead of Retirement

Retirement planning is part savings, part guessing game. While many of your day-to-day expenses will remain the same, there are big-ticket categories that can take a large bite out of your savings.

Older Adults Struggle to Find Affordable Mental Health Care

New report says Medicare is insufficient coverage, while anxiety and depression are on the rise.

If you’re rejoining the workforce after retiring, here’s how to handle your Medicare coverage

If you are a retiree on Medicare who’s rejoining the workforce, be aware that you might have choices when it comes to your health-care coverage.

Watch out — Decisions you make on your 2021 tax return can affect your future Medicare health insurance premiums

This column lists the 2022 Medicare health insurance premium amounts, explains why decisions made on your 2021 Form 1040 will determine your premiums for 2023, and more.

How Medicaid and Medicare Fit Into Planning for Long-Term Care

While the unpredictability of the future makes it difficult to plan ahead, becoming familiar with the options is important.

Family and Friends are the Invisible Workforce in Long-term Care

Informal caregiving continues in nursing homes, assisted living.

Historic Increase in Food Stamps Benefits is on the Way

Benefits will jump more than 25% above pre-pandemic levels, on average, starting in October — the largest increase in the program’s history, the Biden administration announced.

Where Long-Term Care Reform Goes Now

Rep. Tom Suozzi (D-NY) is about to introduce a bill to create a public, catastrophic long-term care insurance program. It is likely to be similar to a 2018 measure proposed by House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Frank Pallone (D-NJ) and a 2016 proposal by the Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative.

Better Care Better Jobs Act (S. 2210)

The vast majority of Americans would prefer to receive services and supports at home. Today, over 3.5 million older adults and people with disabilities receive Medicaid HCBS. Though all states provide coverage for some HCBS services, eligibility and benefit standards vary, leading to significant variation and gaps in coverage.

The Backstory Behind the Medicare Advantage Ads

People are enticed by cheaper premiums and extra benefits, but they don’t often go beyond the premiums to understand how the plans’ cost-sharing and provider networks really work