We wrote yesterday about Fiscal Commission Co-Chairman and former Senator Alan Simpson’s latest diatribe against seniors – this time launched at the Alliance for Retired Americans in California.For anyone who’s been in Washington for awhile, these rants are really just déjà vu all over again.  But even as a “charter member of the Simpson tongue-lashing club” our President/CEO, Max Richtman, found this latest attack simply too much.  So he wrote Senator Simpson a letter asking him to cease and desist his hate-filled attacks on seniors:

May 24, 2012

Dear Senator Simpson,

We’ve both been in this business for a long time and we’ve certainly had our share of fundamental disagreements about America’s priorities and how to protect them.  As you well know, I’m a charter member of the Simpson tongue-lashing club going back to my time as Staff Director at the Senate Aging Committee and since.

However, after reading your letter to seniors in California, who simply dared to oppose your reforms for Social Security and Medicare, I feel compelled to ask you to refocus this debate where it belongs. Call this a political intervention, if you will.

The American people deserve and expect a true dialogue in which retirees are more than “greedy geezers” and those with opposing world views aren’t treated with the total disrespect you hand out so freely. After thirty years, isn’t it long past time to elevate the conversation beyond personal and profane attacks on those you simply disagree with?

I know this letter is likely an exercise in futility.  However, I’m writing to you today with one simple request – please cease and desist with the mean-spirited, denigrating, and hate-filled personal attacks on America’s seniors.  Sure, some in the press still love the profanity laden poison-pen letters and insulting sound-bites,  but it only denigrates the serious policy work many honest and caring people on both sides of the debate perform each and every day, not to mention the American people who will ultimately be impacted by the reforms being debated.

No doubt you consider all of this “blather and drivel” or even your favorites “horse or bulls**t”.  However, that fact has absolutely nothing to do with the serious business at hand.  Please refocus your attention to what really matters – your proposed reforms and the American people who will be affected by them.


Max Richtman


The National Committee to Preserve Social Security& Medicare