Congressional leaders have put emergency COLA legislation on the calendar?with a vote expected as early as tomorrow. Unfortunately, its passage is far from certain.Which makes it more than just ironic (you could say it?s actually infuriating) is that many of the same fiscal hawks who fought hard to keep $4 trillion dollars in tax cuts for the wealthy, will blithely argue on the floor of the Senate and House this week that America can?t afford to give seniors–who will go without a cost of living increase for two consecutive years–$250.Contrary to the ?greedy geezer? mythology preferred by these Washington?s fiscal hawks, the truth about this COLA legislation has absolutely nothing to do their us-versus-them, young-versus-old propaganda. In fact, these $250 one-time payments have been proven to be effective economic stimulus and a job creator, as was the case in 2009:While its share of the overall Recovery Act spending was very small, this lump-sum payment was one of the quickest-acting components of the overall package?the majority of payments were received just months after the Act was passed (by the end of May 2009). This Social Security and SSI payment by itself likely boosted GDP by roughly 0.5% in the second quarter of 2009, which would roughly translate to about 125,000 jobs created or saved due to these payments.?? ?Downpayment on Economic Recovery,? September 2010Ask your representatives in Congress?

?Where do you stand on COLA relief legislation for millions of retirees??

and then

?Where do you stand on extending $4 billion in tax cuts to the wealthy??

The answers to these questions will tell you a lot about Washington?s current fiscal priorities.Pushing tax cuts for the wealthy while rejecting any COLA relief and even proposing benefit cuts in Social Security are not America?s fiscal priorities. This Washington disconnect is not good for our nation or our economic recovery and it?s time we deliver that message loud and clear.Use our 24-hour Legislative Hotline to connect directly to your members:


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