Quote: “[I]f current taxes and entitlement promises are not reformed, the cupboard will be largely bare for today’s Facebook generation”

Source: Sorry Kids, We Ate it All
Reporter: Thomas Friedman


Correction: In an editorial that reads like a news release from Washington’s billion dollar Wall Street lobby, columnist Thomas Friedman promotes the generational warfare argument made by those who want middle-class benefit cuts to pay down the deficit rather than address the growing income inequality that truly threatens our younger generations.

Using language directly from the massive Wall Street lobby while also promoting a personal friend (who’s a wealthy hedgefunder), Friedman ignores the economic realities which threaten our young people.  Rather than cutting corporate taxes to zero, how about making college affordable?  Rather than means-testing Medicare and Social Security which hits middle-class seniors, how about addressing the lack of jobs and income inequality which truly threaten the American dream for future generations?  Solutions which address these real threats shouldn’t target middle-class seniors and their families, and it’s time to expose the true goal of this generational warfare campaign, led by Wall Street lobbyists and echoed by their friends (literally) in the press.