National Committee members and supporters have sent 12 thousand petitions to Capitol Hill urging Congress to pass health care reform, now. As the clock ticks and a health care vote is expected in the House within days, seniors are mobilizing to ensure their elected representatives understand that doing nothing is not a solution for our nation?s health care crisis. More than 100 thousand email alerts have been sent to National Committee members today, urging them to contact their Representatives in Washington and push for passage of health care reform legislation.America’s seniors have been in the crosshairs of a campaign to scare them away from reforms desperately needed to preserve and strengthen Medicare; however, National Committee members understand that doing nothing isa political strategy that actually threatens Medicare. Without health care reform, Medicare will continue to suffer from skyrocketing costs associated with general health care costs, until neither seniors nor the government will be able to afford the program. This inevitably will lead to unprecedented cuts in Medicare – cuts that unlike current health care reform proposals – will directly target Medicare beneficiaries.?It?s impossible to exaggerate the importance of this health care reform vote for America?s seniors?it?s historic. Closing the Part D doughnut hole, cutting waste and eliminating billions of dollars of wasteful subsidies to private insurers in Medicare are just a few of the vital reforms benefiting seniors included in health care legislation. The status quo is not an option for seniors in Medicare. System wide health care reform such as what it included in this health care reform plan is absolutely vital for the program?s future. ?…Barbara B. Kennelly, President/CEO