As a leader in the fight to defend the programs that have protected generations of Americans, the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare (NCPSSM) will launch a new television ad campaign, airing in the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia markets beginning on Sunday, July 17th. The ad entitled ?Jam Session? highlights to young and old alike the critical roles of Social Security and Medicare.This marks the National Committee?s first entry into the television advertising market in more than a decade, signaling our members? passionate commitment to fight back against Washington?s attack on vital economic security programs.?This six figure campaign is a significant investment for us but our members are both furious and bewildered that Social Security and Medicare benefits would be traded away in the name of deficit reduction. For too long, politicians inside the Beltway have ignored the cold-hard truth?Americans need Social Security and Medicare; they pay into the programs with each paycheck. The Recession Generation understands all too well how tough economic times can hurt families. America?s seniors value the protections provided by Social Security and Medicare and they want to ensure the programs will be there for their children and grandchildren. Social Security isn?t responsible for the deficit and Americans?no matter their age–do not believe it should foot the bill to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy.? Max Richtman, Executive Vice President/Acting CEOA recent poll of likely voters in six key battleground states showed that strong majorities declare they?ll support the candidate who argues for protecting Social Security rather than cutting it to pay down the debt.This latest television ad buy is just one part of the National Committee?s million dollar ?Hands Off Campaign?. Launched earlier this year, the nationwide mobilization continues to organize and inform Americans about the ongoing budget debate in Washington and its potential impact on programs touching the lives of virtually every American family. Other elements of the effort include:

  • District Radio Ad campaign in targeted Congressional Districts reminding members that cutting Medicare and Social Security is NOT Fiscal Responsibility
  • National Committee members and supporters have already delivered more than 1 million letters and petitions to Congress urging Washington to preserve Social Security and Medicare rather than targeting these vital programs to balance the budget.
  • Thousands of E-cards have been delivered to the key political players in Washington who are deciding the fates of these vital programs.
  • NCPSSM?s Online Mobilization including outreach to our large and growing communities on Facebook, Twitter and our Blog ?Entitled to Know? in a number of ways to keep the pressure on.
  • The National Committee?s Truth Squad busts myths and provides the facts about Social Security, Medicare and our fiscal crisis.