As Washington debt battle continues, New NCPSSM President/CEO, Max Richtman, vows ?Trading Away America?s Social Safety Net Is Not an Option?

The Board of Directors for the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare and the National Committee Foundation, today announced Max Richtman, JD, as the new President and Chief Executive Officer, becoming the fourth leader of the national seniors advocacy organization since it?s founding by James Roosevelt in 1982.?Max Richtman has spent most of his career working on behalf of America?s seniors. We need his experience in the trenches, now more than ever, to lead our fight against Washington?s never-ending quest to balance the budget on the backs of seniors and their families. I am confident we are positioned, under Max?s leadership, to take our advocacy to a new level in what could be the fight of our lives to preserve America?s social safety net.? Dr. Carroll Estes, NCPSSN Board ChairRichtman has served at the National Committee since 1989, most recently as its Executive Vice President and acting CEO. He was also a former staff director of the Senate Special Committee on Aging and 16-year veteran of Capitol Hill. Richtman now leads the National Committee at a critical juncture in the history of Social Security and Medicare. ?The threat to millions of Americans who depend on Social Security and Medicare and their families has never been more serious. Over and over again we?ve seen these programs used as bargaining chips in closed-door Washington negotiations where the decisions of a very few could determine the economic security of virtually every American family. The creation of the debt deal?s ?Super Committee? is the latest example of this attempt to end-run the system to fast-track cuts in vital programs. Cutting benefits to millions of middle-class Americans to pay for fiscal mistakes of the past is not the answer to our fiscal woes; however, that is exactly the course being plotted by too many politicians in Washington today.Our three million members and supporters nationwide want fiscal sanity returned to our federal government. They have already paid the price for this failed economy and continue to do so every day. Suggestions that they must continue to pay with benefit cuts, means testing, smaller COLA?s, a higher retirement age, and vouchers so that the wealthy can keep their tax breaks and corporate loopholes demonstrate a growing disconnect between Washington and the nation. We at the National Committee are committed and our members mobilized like never before to ensure Congress understands what?s at stake as a new ?Super Committee? of just twelve members prepares a debt deal that could destroy retirement security for generations of workers.? Max Richtman,NCPSSM President/CEOAs NCPSSM President/CEO, Richtman will build on the National Committee?s past successes to protect and strengthen both programs. He also plans to broaden the committee?s reach on issues such as Medicaid and the Older Americans Act. The National Committee is recognized as one of the leading groups responsible for defeating President Bush?s privatization campaign and for the inclusion of numerous improvements to the Medicare program in the Affordable Care Act.