Leslie Cockburn is the Right Choice for Working Virginians in District 5

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The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare has enthusiastically endorsed Leslie Cockburn for Congress representing Virginia’s 5th district.  Cockburn, a filmmaker, journalist, and advocate for social change is running in the May Democratic primary for the opportunity to challenge incumbent Republican Tom Garrett.

“Leslie Cockburn is the right candidate for a district with a large senior population. She has committed herself to defending Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act. Leslie recognizes that working Virginians have a right to their earned benefits when they retire, including the 181,000 District 5 residents collecting Social Security and the 134,000 Medicare beneficiaries.  She knows the just path lies in protecting and expanding benefits, not cutting them,” – National Committee president and CEO Max Richtman.

Cockburn has taken Tom Garrett and his fellow Republicans to task for trying to undermine and slash programs that Virginia’s working families depend on.  She blasts “corporate lobbyists and their allies in the White House and Capitol Hill for doing everything in their power to gut Medicaid… defund Social Security and Medicare… and cut billions in disability payments.”  She calls these proposals “extreme and callous actions that will tear apart the fabric of our community”

Rep. Garrett’s positions could not be more different from Leslie Cockburn’s – or more wrongheaded. When it comes to Social Security, he plays the ‘generational card,’ insisting that the government “not break promises” to today’s seniors, but shred that guarantee for future retirees.

“It’s time for the people of District 5 to have a representative in Washington who will fight on their behalf instead of for corporate lobbyists, insurance companies, and Wall Street.  Leslie Cockburn is that candidate,” says Richtman. “Let’s help send Tom Garrett home and put Leslie Cockburn in the U.S. Congress.” – Max Richtman

Read the National Committee’s endorsement letter here.

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