Chances are you may not even realize May is Older Americans Month. Those of us who work in the aging policy community certainly do but we have often wondered if these commemorative months really have any meaning to the communities they’re designed to honor?One of our favorite bloggers, has an interesting take on the whole issue and we suggest you read her entire post. We couldn’t agree more with “Crabby Old Lady’s” key takeaway point —

Crabby wants inclusion for elders in daily life every day of the year.There is so much that needs doing for elders that would help them take part in the life of their communities – that would help everyone else too. Such as:-Improve public transportation-Enforce age discrimination in the workplace laws-Encourage better geriatric education for physicians-Invite elders onto the citizen advisory boards of cities and towns-Create opportunities to serve that make use of elders’ decades of experience and knowledge-Teach elders how to effectively lobby government officialsMost of all, stop Congress from scaring the crap out of elders with constant threats to cut or kill Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.Working on these issues would be real honoring of elders.

One more recommendation that fits well under our Older Americans month theme…please take a moment to read this terrific post on Huffington which provides a concise and easy to read listing of resources available to America’s seniors.