The Supreme Court is wrapping up three days of hearings on the Affordable Care Act today. Seniors with the National Committee?s ?Rally Corps? joined other activists on the steps of the Court urging Justices to uphold the health care reform law.?The truth is the more seniors get the facts about healthcare reform the more they support it. But unfortunately all the partisan bickering surrounding the law?s passage and continuing even now, two years later, has left too many Medicare beneficiaries unaware or misinformed about all the new benefits now available to them thanks to the ACA. Our Rally Corps members understand they?ll end up paying more for their prescription drugs, preventative screenings and higher out-of-pocket costs if the ACA is dismantled so they?re glad to take their case in support of health care reform to the steps of the Supreme Court today. ? Max Richtman, NCPSSM President/CEOThe Patients Aware campaign, created by the National Committee Foundation, the National Physicians Alliance, and the Herndon Alliance , has built a national network of doctors, nurses, and caregivers to provide information directly to beneficiaries about the Affordable Care Act. Doctors, nurses and other care providers are among the most trusted sources of health care information for seniors and their families and they are leading town hall meetings in communities nationwide to sort the fact from fiction about health care reform?s impact on Medicare beneficiaries. You can get more info about Patients Aware here.