Last week House Majority leader Eric Cantor dismissed protestors who are tired of a nation that puts profits ahead of people as nothing more than an angry ?mob?. Then on Friday he cancelled a scheduled speech at the Wharton School of Business in Philly after it was clear Penn would not restrict the audience as Rep. Cantor preferred.NCPSSM?s Hands Off-No Cuts activists were in Philly on Friday and just to set the record straight?they are angry but they?re not a mob. They?re hardworking middle-class Americans who know that cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in the name of deficit reduction is anything BUT fiscal responsibility. In fact, they represent the view of the vast majority of Americans of all ages and political persuasions.Here are just a few of the faces at Friday?s Wharton School event who wanted to deliver that message to Leader Cantor and his friends in Washington.Do they look an unruly mob or average Americans who are just fed up?

Photos courtesy of the Daily Pennsylvanian