What would life forAmerican familiesbe like without Social Security?If President Roosevelt had never signed the Social Security Act, we know millions of Americans ? retirees, the disabled and survivors– would be threatened with poverty today.As we celebrate 75 years of Social Security success stories it?s important we hear from Americans of all ages to remind Washington that Social Security is especially important during tough economy times like these.So, ask yourself, what does Social Security mean to you and your family? Then, we want you to fill in the blank: Without Social Security ____________________.Your answers will be the basis for our next National Committee video, celebrating 75 years of American success stories, shared by working Americans who live them each and every day. Can you imagine living without Social Security? Probably not. So, tell us how Social Security fills the blank in the lives of your family, friends and loved ones and we’ll share your story.You can leave your comments here on the blog or on our National Committee Facebook Page.