“And there’s broad agreement Social Security could be made solvent with a mix of relatively small tax increases and benefit cuts.”

Source: Reining In Health Care Costs Key To Trimming Deficit

Reporter: John Ydstie



While reporter John Ydstie’s coverage of the deficit basically got it right – controlling the nation’s health care costs system-wide is key to cutting the deficit — he took an inexplicable leap to questionable conclusions near the end of his story. Where is this “broad agreement” to cut benefits to middle-class seniors and their families that Ydstie references? It’s certainly not among the vast majority of Americans, who across all ages and party lines, do not support cutting benefits to balance the budget. It’s not among Americans who’ve consistently said they’re willing to pay more to maintain already modest benefit levels. It’s definitely not among a growing movement which supports boosting benefits not cutting them.