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Our CAT team activists mobilize at rallies and media events, meet with lawmakers, deliver petitions and attend advocacy briefings.  Our volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, each bringing their own experiences with Social Security and Medicare to advocate on behalf of America’s seniors and their families. This is a growing movement and there is a place for you!

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Maybe you’re not into Facebook or Twitter – or maybe you’re the type who believes you can never have too much information because, after all, information is power.  Sign up for National Committee email alerts and we’ll keep you in the loop on all of the important information you need to know about Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Email alerts provide the most comprehensive review on all of our issues. Use the yellow sign up form on the right.

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A quick call to the National Committee’s free Legislative Hot Line will provide you with the latest news on our top legislative issue on Capitol Hill.  We’ll also connect you directly to your Senators and Representatives so you can express your opposition or support for legislation currently being debated in Congress.


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The National Committee’s Facebook community is an active and mobilized social media force.  You can lend your voice to the conversation on Social Security and Medicare by liking our page on Facebook, joining the lively debate and sharing our posts on the importance of America’s retirement and health security safety net.

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Whether you’ve never tweeted before or are a tweet-master, the National Committee’s Twitter feed provides up-to-the-minute updates on news impacting seniors and their families.  Keep up to date on all the latest Social Security and Medicare news by following us on Twitter.

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READY TO ATTIRE offers a variety of clothing and practical gifts to celebrate a milestone birthday or retirement. At the same time, you are supporting a social cause by letting others know where you stand on issues important to older Americans and their families. Our unique and creative designs will keep you rocking retirement in style. And a portion of each purchase you make helps support our national education and advocacy efforts to preserve and strengthen Social Security and Medicare.

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The Wall Street funded anti-Social Security and Medicare lobby has invested more than $1 billion dollars in a campaign to convince Members of Congress they must cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to reduce the deficit.  While America’s seniors certainly don’t have a billion dollars to give, your $12 annual membership helps the National Committee leverage your power and amplify your voice in defense of America’s economic and retirement safety net.

Tell Us Your StoryTell Us Your Story

Do you have a personal story that you would like to tell us about your experiences with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid or any other aging service and program? If so, please click here to share your story. We might be able to use it on our website or for a media interview. In some cases, we might contact you to see if you are available to tell your story in person during an event on Capitol Hill or in your local area. Don’t worry…we will contact you before using any of the information provided here.

Sign a Petition

The National Committee has delivered millions of petitions to Members of Congress demonstrating the nation’s broad support – across all ages and parties – for Social Security and Medicare. Our members and supporters have voiced opposition to benefit cuts that would come from raising the retirement age, means testing and the Chained CPI and support for Boosting Social Security benefits and legislation which would improve coverage.  Sign a National Committee petition and tell Congress how you feel about proposals impacting seniors.

Join the Boost Social Security Now Movement

Large majorities of Americans, both Republicans and Democrats, agree on ways to strengthen Social Security — without cutting benefits. Fully 74% of Republicans and 88% of Democrats agree that “it is critical to preserve Social Security even if it means increasing Social Security taxes paid by working Americans. The National Committee’s Boost Social Security Now campaign informs and mobilizes our membership, grassroots networks and on-line communities to convince Congress that now is the time to boost benefits, not cut them. Join the growing Boost Social Security movement!