Coronavirus Broadcasts to inform seniorsCoronavirus (COVID-19)

Not only are seniors more susceptible to the disease, but keeping their financial, health and food security stable is a priority. The National Committee wants Americans to have the latest information about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Listen to these broadcasts to stay informed.

Social Security

Social Security is a complex puzzle with lots of different pieces.  There are many aspects of Social Security, not just the how and when to file for benefits, but what’s happening with Cost of Living Increases, why some in Congress would like to privatize Social Security and what the program’s long term solvency outlook is to name a few. We discuss with local media what this means for you.


For people 65 and over, Medicare is a life line.  This crucial health insurance program is enormously important to all older Americans but every year, certain things change. Whether it’s a premium increase, news about a new benefit or the latest on the price of prescription drugs, we speak to local media to keep you up to date.

Retirement Security

Perhaps the most crucial element of a reasonably comfortable retirement is knowing that you have enough income every month to meet your needs. However, economic issues over the past few decades have made the retirement calculus more complex for many people. Many people have not been able to save enough to retire comfortably.  Listen here to examine the issue.


One of the most important aspects of the National Committee’s mission is talking to Members of Congress and their staffs about the impact of legislation that they are considering. We also discuss these impacts with the news media so that listeners will understand how this legislation will affect them.

Politics and Your Earned Benefits

Whether its attempts to undermine the ACA, privatize Social Security or turn Medicare into a voucher program, today’s political environment in Washington is a battlefield of ideas. The National Committee is on the front lines every day, fighting to keep your earned benefits from being diminished by those whose agenda would weaken these programs. Here we discuss our efforts to stop harmful proposals and promote ones that help seniors.

The Affordable Care Act

The ACA, Obamacare, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Whatever you wish to call it, the ACA has made some very beneficial changes for Medicare beneficiaries.  Attempts by the Congress to undermine or repeal the law altogether have met with resistance by many groups, including the National Committee.  We discuss our attempts to stop Congress from undermining the ACA and point out the many improvements to Medicare that save money for everyone.

Medical Advances

Call them the gifts that keep on giving. Medical advances can be a new discovery or an improvement on older technology that makes it more accessible. Here we discuss some that benefit seniors.

Stop the War on the Working Class

Whether it’s an attempt to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits under the guise of “Entitlement Reform” or using tax cuts to jack up the budget deficit, every day Americans are under siege.  Saving for retirement is made more difficult by decades of stagnant pay and wage discrimination. The National Committee is committed to fighting this trend through education and advocacy.

Public Opinion

You know what you think, but what does the rest of the country think about Social Security and Medicare? Listen in to see how well Americans support the earned benefits they’ve paid for throughout a lifetime of work in nationwide polls that we’ve commissioned.


President and CEO Max Richtman has appeared on numerous television broadcasts to discuss Social Security and Medicare.

Broadcasts on prescription drugs

Prescription Drugs

Soaring prescription drug prices are hurting America’s seniors. Older Americans living on fixed incomes can’t afford ever-increasing costs at the pharmacy counter.  Some have been cutting pills in half or skipping doses altogether. The National Committee is on radio and television spreading the message that prescription drug prices must come down – for the sake of seniors and Americans of all ages!

Payroll Tax Cut

The Payroll Tax, or FICA as it appears on your check stub, is the tax that most Americans pay as their contribution to federal insurance programs like Social Security and Medicare.  Their employer pays an equal amount per employee and as such the payroll tax is a partnership between employers and employees. Here we discuss the ramifications of President Trump’s repeated calls for a cut or elimination of the payroll tax.

Endorsements Broadcasts

The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare (NCPSSM), an organization with deep roots in New Deal policies, today put the weight and clout of its millions of members and supporters behind the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris campaign.  Today’s endorsement breaks the National Committee’s 38-year tradition of steering clear of Presidential campaigns in order to focus its resources on House and Senate races. Listen to why we chose to endorse.