We?ve written a lot this New Year about the Peterson Foundation?s billion dollar campaign to persuade Americans that we can?t afford Social Security and Medicare…especially the organization?s ongoing efforts to persuade Congress to create a commission targeting these programs for cuts.A Senate vote on the commission proposal is expected anytime after they return, January 20.thMost recently, the news has focused on where some of that billion dollars is being spent. Specifically, the creation of a ?news service? to feed Peterson funded propaganda to organizations like the Washington Post. That?s how we found our new favorite website…muckety.com. They too covered the Washington Post sellout but the best thing about their story was a graph that shows just how far the Peterson Foundation?s tentacles reach into the moneyed elite on Wall Street and inWashington.>By expanding just a few of the boxes, (you candigeven further than in this graph) you can see a clear picture of the organization?s deep Wall Street ties. It certainly explains why these so-called ?fiscal hawks? support Wall Street tax breaksand bailouts while at the same time calling for cuts in Social Security and Medicare. It?s Wall Street vs. Main Street , once again.