One of our biggest pet peeves is the ongoing attempt by so many in Washington to use intergenerational warfare to try and convince younger Americans their parents and grandparents are nothing more than ?greedy geezers? bankrupting this nation. While poll after poll show that argument has not gained the traction its purveyors had hoped for, it?s still an all too common political propaganda tool used by politicians whose real goal is to destroy Social Security and Medicare under the guise of deficit reduction. This, in spite of the fact that future generations could need these programs even more, as their incomes have faltered and they?re almost as likely to see a dinosaur as they are a pension.

All too often, the day-to-day reality of how Social Security touches the lives of virtually every American family is simply lost in this political debate. That?s why we?ve launched a new national campaign called Protect This Promise. Our goal is to bring generations together to share their stories about the vital role Social Security plays in their lives on our Social Security Promise Quilt. The Social Security Promise Quilt illustrates the interconnectivity of a program that touches virtually every American family whether the beneficiary is a future retiree, already retired, disabled or received survivor benefits as a child. Social Security is an American legacy ? not a partisan issue or a matter of age.

Please take just a moment and share your story — upload a family photo to our Promise Quilt and read the personal stories shared by hundreds of others throughout the nation. Americans understand the lasting value of Social Security and the Promise Quilt gives us an opportunity to stand together to remind Washington of the real life consequences of cutting benefits vital to millions of middle class Americans in every state of the nation.