As a non-partisan organization committed to the preservation of Social Security and Medicare, we don?t spend much time blogging on how the political horse race is predicted to end for each election cycle. However, what is important to us is that when you go to the polls you understand how your vote will impact the futures of America?s most successful government programs. Where do the candidates on your ballot stand on privatization and proposed benefit cuts for seniors? Do they believe that the retirement age should be raised as a way to reduce benefits for future retirees? Do they believe that Social Security contributes to the deficit?even though the factsprove just the opposite? Can you separate the political fact from fiction?Before you cast your ballot be sure you know the answers to these questions because regardless of who wins or loses today, it?s clear Social Security already has a target on it?s back. Washington?s fiscal hawks hope the President?s fiscal commission will recommend cuts to Social Security as a way to fix a fiscal mess the program did not create. They further hope a lame duck Congress, potentially full of members who?ve already lost their seats and are no longer accountable to their constituents, will ease the passage of the fiscal commission?s recommendations.So cast your vote?and cast it wisely.