There are 3.8 trillion reasons why you should take a minute today to call Congress and tell your representatives why cutting Social Security in the name of deficit reduction is fiscal and political suicide. The 3.8 trillion reasons represent the $3.8 trillion dollars you will contribute throughout your working life to the Social Security Trust Fund ? the fund that Washington?s fiscal hawks now don?t want to pay back. That was real money when it came out of your paycheck and it?s still real money ? not worthless IOU?s ? that the federal governmentpromised to repayworking Americans, that is, unless Washington passes benefit cuts like those proposed by the Fiscal Commission Chairmen.Today is National Call-In day and we urge everyone to make it clear to Washington that proposals to make deep cuts in Social Security has nothing to do with deficit reduction and everything to do with breaking a promise made to millions of Americans, including retirees, the disabled, survivors and their families.And while you?ve got them on the phone also make it clear that seniors need COLA relief. Congress is back in session for a few short weeks and this is their last chance to pass COLA relief for seniors this year. Please call your Senators and Representative and tell them to oppose budget-driven Social Security benefit cuts and put much needed $250 checks into the hands of older Americans by supporting H.R. 5987 and S. 1685.The National Committee?s toll free Legislative Hotline will connect you with your members of Congress with one simple call: