“For the first time in nearly a quarter century, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has a Democratically-appointed and confirmed commissioner.  In Martin O’Malley, beneficiaries will have a true champion at the head of an agency that administers $1.2 trillion in Social Security benefits for more than 70 million Americans.  We know that Martin O’Malley will bring to SSA his considerable managerial acumen from his time as governor of Maryland and mayor of Baltimore, which is sorely needed at a time when the chronically-underfunded agency has struggled to provide adequate customer service. 

President Biden, who nominated Governor O’Malley, has requested nearly $1.4 billion in additional funding for SSA operations for FY 2024. Unfortunately, House Republicans want to CUT more than $180 million from the agency’s operations budget. As a confirmed commissioner, Gov. O’Malley can use the clout of his office to press Congress to provide the level of funding SSA needs to properly service the retirees, workers with disabilities, survivors, and families who depend on Social Security. He also has pledged to improve SSA operations and shore up sagging morale among its overworked employees. No other federal agency touches the lives of more Americans than SSA, and now it has a confirmed captain to correct course and steer it forward.”  – Max Richtman, President & CEO, National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare


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