On behalf of our 28,000 members and supporters in Virginia, the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare today proudly endorsed Tim Kaine for re-election to the U.S. Senate in Fredericksburg, VA on Friday. Senator Kaine has proven himself time and again as a leader on issues affecting Virginia seniors.  He earns a 100% rating on our legislative scorecard for his steadfast championing of Social Security, Medicare, and lower prescription drug prices.

“I have known Tim Kaine for over 15 years now, and I have been consistently impressed by his commitment to working families and seniors. He has always been close to his own elderly parents — and understands the importance of retirement and health security for all Virginia families.  Underpinning all of this are the values of hard work, fairness, and family that he has demonstrated so well during his first two terms in Washington.” – Max Richtman, President and CEO, National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

Senator Kaine accepted NCPSSM’s endorsement Friday morning at a town hall at Chancellor’s Village, a senior living facility in Fredericksburg. National Committee president and CEO Max Richtman handed the Senator a pair of NCPSSM’s signature boxing gloves to recognize his championing of seniors.

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare because I am determined to stand up for Virginia seniors and lower costs. Virginians should have access to affordable health care and be able to retire with dignity – which has been and will continue to be my priority in the U.S. Senate.”  – Senator Tim Kaine

Virginians can continue to count on Senator Kaine to protect their hard-earned benefits. There are some 1.6 million Social Security beneficiaries in Virginia. The average benefit for Virginia retirees is nearly $1,900 per month, or about $23,000 a year.  Senator Kaine knows that Virginians living on fixed incomes cannot afford cuts to their hard-earned benefits, which key Republicans (including contenders for the GOP presidential nomination) have proposed.

Senator Kaine greets supporters at town hall event in Fredericksburg, VA

Senator Kaine also will continue to fight prescription drug price gouging by Big Pharma, as he has during the 118th Congress.  He supported the Inflation Reduction Act, which finally allows Medicare to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies — and caps seniors’ out-of-pocket drug costs under Medicare Part D at $2,000 per year.  Virginians are now beginning to see those benefits realized, including a $35 cap on monthly insulin costs.

The Inflation Reduction Act passed the Senate by one vote. Without the vote of Senator Kaine, Virginians would not have the benefits of this historic drug pricing reform. There is plenty more work to be done in the next Congress — and that is why we need Tim Kaine in the Senate to fight for older Virginians and their families.