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Prescription drug prices are out of control – and older Americans are feeling the financial pain at the pharmacy counter.  Prices for the most commonly prescribed drugs for seniors have increased ten times the rate of inflation since 2013. Medicare beneficiaries pay thousands of dollars a year in out-of-pocket drug costs they can’t afford. Some seniors have been cutting pills in half or outright skipping doses of lifesaving medications.  Others are forced to choose between medicine and essentials like rent and groceries. Meanwhile, Big Pharma rakes in record profits.  That’s not acceptable in the wealthiest nation on Earth.

The “Don’t Cut Pills, Cut Profits” campaign is committed to ending prescription price gouging by holding drug-makers and elected leaders accountable, with the help of millions of seniors around the country. The campaign includes town halls, voter education, petition drives, and outreach to Members of Congress to support legislation that will reduce drug costs. Join the fight to lower prescription prices now.

Useful Reading

Democrats Eye Medicare Negotiations to Lower Drug Prices

Democrats are united in empowering the Department of Health and Human Services to negotiate the prices of brand-name drugs covered by Medicare.

Democrats Plan Crackdown on Rising Drug Costs

Democrats are hoping 2021 will be the year they accomplish their long-held goal of reining in rising prescription drug costs by allowing the government to negotiate directly with pharmaceutical companies.

Commissioned CBO Report Finds Medicare Part D Pays More than Medicaid for Prescriptions

The report found that on average Medicare Part D pays nearly three times more for brand-name drugs purchased at retail pharmacies than Medicaid.

Pharma Raised Prescription Drug Prices as the Pandemic Threw People Out of Work and Off Insurance

In the middle of a pandemic where the U.S. death count is approaching 500,000, pharmaceutical firms have substantially raised prices for drugs.

Rep. Katie Porter Ripped into Pharma Executive Mark Alles for Repeated Price Hikes on the Cancer Drug Revlimid

“To recap here: The drug didn’t get any better, the cancer patients didn’t get any better — you just got better at making money, you just refined your skills at price gouging,” Porter replied.

House Panel Says Drugmakers Inflated Prices to Boost Profits and Reap Bonuses

Major pharmaceutical companies raised drug prices exponentially by hundreds or thousands of percent to boost profits and executives’ bonuses, “taking full advantage” of Medicare rules, a House panel said Wednesday.

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Add your name to the growing list of citizens who want their members of Congress to take action on the high cost of prescription drugs.

Fact Sheet

A quick look at the key stats and facts that can help explain why prescription prices are so high.


Soaring prescription drug prices are hurting America’s seniors. Older Americans living on fixed incomes can’t afford ever-increasing costs at the pharmacy counter.  Some have been cutting pills in half or skipping doses altogether. The National Committee is on radio and television spreading the message that prescription drug prices must come down – for the sake of seniors and Americans of all ages!


Which bills in the 116th Congress would do an effective job of helping to lowering drug prices?


A compilation of resources for you or your local community group to help focus attention on the issue and stimulate positive change.

Did you know — The U.S. pays 3 to 4 times more for drugs than other countries do: Learn more here

The government should allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices. Tell them by signing our petition.