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Another Year of Success for Social Security

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One of our nation’s most popular federal programs marks another year of success on August 14th.  Social Security – the income security program for workers, retirees, people with disabilities, and their families – was signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt 86 years ago.  But it’s been almost four decades since the program was last reformed. In 1983, Congress took action to shore up Social Security’s finances under the acute threat of insolvency. Fast-forward to the present.  We are confronted with a looming shortfall in the program’s finances amid a growing demand to boost benefits.  But bi-partisan action to strengthen Social Security has been elusive – despite the best efforts of some lawmakers to put forward solid proposals.

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Seniors’ Advocates Press Manchin to Relent on Filibuster, Protect Voting Rights

One of the nation’s leading seniors’ organizations is appealing to Senator Joe Manchin to support changes to the filibuster in order to protect older Americans’ voting rights.

NCPSSM President Implores Sinema to do the Right Thing on Voting Rights

One of the nation’s leading seniors’ advocacy organizations is appealing to Senator Krysten Sinema to support changes to the filibuster in order to protect older Americans’ voting rights.  In a letter to Senator Sinema co-signed by some 40 advocates and political influencers, NCPSSM President and CEO Max Richtman writes that adjusting the Senate filibuster is the only way to safeguard ballot access for seniors if enough Republican Senators won’t support new federal voting rights legislation.  Such legislation is necessary, says Richtman, because of restrictive, new state laws that infringe on seniors’ right to vote by mail.

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