2020 Election News

2020 Democratic National Convention: ‘Virtually’ everything you need to know.

Who’s speaking? What’s the message? Is anyone going to Milwaukee? It all starts Monday.

Trump’s Scare Tactics on Mail-in Voting Could Disenfranchise Seniors

President Trump’s rationale for postponing the 2020 elections is an unfounded concern over “rampant fraud” if Americans vote by mail.

Disenchanted Seniors for Biden

The pandemic is particularly dangerous for older Americans, and Trump is losing their support.

‘If Not Now, When?’: Black Women Seize Political Spotlight

Given how directly Black women have been impacted by the incompetence and the malfeasance of the Trump administration, Black women are going to be at the forefront, not only giving rise to voter turnout, but also shaping the conversations that we will be having in this election season.

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