Georgia Senate Run-Off Election

Warnock, Ossoff Get a Boost from Major Seniors’ Advocacy Group

Georgia Senate candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff are getting a boost from one of the nation’s leading seniors’ advocacy groups.

Radio Ad: Ossoff and Warnock Are Best Choice for Seniors

30 second radio ad on why Ossof and Warnock are good for seniors.

Everything That Needs to Go Right for Democrats to Win the Georgia Runoffs, Explained

Not as many low-interest voters will participate as in the November presidential election, so these runoffs are more about motivating the respective party bases than attempting to persuade swing voters.

Voting Rights Groups Alarmed After Cobb County Cuts Half of Its Early-Voting Sites for Ga. Senate Runoffs

Cobb County, which borders Atlanta on the west, will offer five polling sites when early voting begins Dec. 14. For the Nov. 3 general election, it had 11 locations to serve the county’s more than 537,000 voters. Advocates warned in a letter Monday that the closures “will be harmful to Cobb County’s Black and Latinx voters.

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Biden/ Harris Victory is a Big Win for Seniors

Joe Biden’s victory in this historic election is a decisive win for the working class, for seniors, the disabled and their families — and a crucial victory for the two lifeline programs they depend on, Social Security and Medicare.

Arizona Daily Star: Arizona seniors can’t rely on Trump to protect Social Security

“In 2016, President Trump won Arizona with just 48% of the vote. No doubt, many voters believed his promises to protect retirees’ earned benefits. But Trump broke those promises. For seniors, the most blatant betrayal was Trump’s reckless Social Security payroll tax suspension – along with his pledge to “terminate” Social Security’s main funding source if reelected,” writes National Committee President Max Richtman.

CNN: Trump can’t be trusted to protect Social Security

“A businessman capable of gross financial negligence would do the same thing to Social Security if given a second term in the White House… as he bankrupts the program and leaves working people and retirees out in the cold,” writes National Committee President Max Richtman in a new op-ed.

The Hill: As VP Kamala Harris could be a powerful voice for women’s retirement security

“A Harris vice presidency would be a major step toward equalizing women’s voices in politics. That voice is sorely needed on many issues, but few more urgently than in the area of women’s retirement security,” write National Committee president Max Richtman and Terry O’Neill, activist, attorney, and former president of NOW.

Des Moines Register: Social Security’s future is on the ballot — the president has said as much

Biden has a plan to achieve long-run solvency for Social Security by asking the very wealthy to pay the same Social Security taxes as nurses and janitors.

The Hill: Social Security and Medicare are on the Ballot This November

Now more than ever, Social Security and Medicare provide seniors with crucial financial and health security. Amid the COVID crisis, Social Security is the financial stabilizer for older workers.

Newsweek: Fearing for Social Security, National Seniors’ Group Endorses Biden

A national advocacy group for seniors officially endorsed Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris on Thursday, warning that older Americans “cannot afford” a second term for President Donald Trump.

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2020 Election News

Trump’s Attempt to Overturn the Election Result is Ramping Up. Here’s What Comes Next.

Two things will happen over the next five weeks that ordinarily would be formalities, but in a disputed election will be crucial.

Second Georgia Senate seat headed to January runoff that could decide Senate control

Democrats’ hopes for gaining control of the Senate hung Friday on the ballot count in Georgia, as the race between Republican Sen. David Perdue and Democrat Jon Ossoff inched toward a Jan. 5 runoff.

Three Reasons Biden Flipped the Midwest

Trump gave away his gains with key groups from four years ago and Biden reclaimed lost Democratic ground.

How Long Will Vote Counting Take? Estimates and Deadlines in All 50 States

Although many winners may quickly be evident on election night, the increase in mail voting because of the pandemic is expected to push back the release of full results in many key states.

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