2020 Election News

FiveThirtyEight: Seven Candidates Have Now Qualified For The November Democratic Debate

Our eyes are already turned toward the fifth debate, where things are starting to get a little crowded with seven candidates now qualified. Over the weekend, both Sen. Cory Booker and billionaire activist Tom Steyer earned the last qualifying poll they needed for November’s event, with Steyer making the cut despite having not even appeared in a single debate yet!

Will Moderators for Next Debate Ask Candidates About Social Security?

As President, will you put forward a proposal to extend the programs’ solvency and, if so, will you choose to do this using benefit cuts or revenue increases?

Letter: ABC Debate Moderators Should Include Question about Social Security

Is Social Security a vitally important American program? Yes.

The Next Democratic Debate is Likely to be Only 1 Night

After the first two 2020 debates took place over two nights, the third debate in September is now expected to place every candidate on just one night.

Presidential Candidates Need to Discuss Their Proposals for Social Security

While the issues of health care reform and lowering prescription drug prices have been receiving their due consideration in many campaign events and related media coverage, Social Security, an equally important program for workers, retirees, the disabled and their families, has not yet been afforded the same level of attention from candidates.

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