Next month, America?s most successful and popular government program will mark 75 years of serving millions of workers who?ve retired, become disabled or leave survivors after their death. Today, more than 50 million people receive Social Security benefits, touching the lives of virtually every American family.In celebration of this milestone, the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare has launched ?Social Security at 75 ? Keeping the Promise?, a month-long commemoration of the program and people it serves. Some of our upcoming events include:

  • Capitol Hill News Conference releasing the results of a new National Committee Foundation poll on American?s views of Social Security, its future and proposals to change the program.
  • Two week radio ad campaign reminding Washington?s leaders of the vital role Social Security plays in Americans? lives.
  • Culmination of a National Committee postcard campaign scheduled to deliver nearly 100,000 postcards to the President?s Fiscal Commission Co-Chairs urging them to reject plans to balance our budget with Social Security benefit cuts.
  • The National Committee joins the Alliance for Retired Americans in co-hosting Social Security birthday parties in towns and cities across the country.
  • 4 part video series highlighting what Social Security really means for the average American and the real-world implications of cutting benefits, raising the retirement age and other harmful proposals being planned in Washington.
  • The National Committee?s Facebook Community will lead our ?Fill in the Blank? campaign. Their answers to the question ?Cutting Social Security benefits will mean __________? will comprise our final anniversary video.
  • We’ll host guest bloggers throughout the month writing on our theme: ?Social Security at 75 ? Keeping the Promise?.
  • A ?Did You Know?? series on Twitter and Facebook will provide important facts and interactive quizzes about Social Security throughout the month.
  • Social Security Anniversary E-cards will be available for supporters, beneficiaries and their families to email to theirfriends, family, and co-workers to invite others to celebrate the program?s 75 years of success keeping Americans secure.

New information and activities will be posted for each day during the celebration on our National Committee website?s ?Keeping the Promise? anniversary page.