The President?s State of the Union is next week and we want to ensure he remembers his oft-expressed support for Social Security (made on the campaign trail), even though Washington?s fiscal hawks continue to beat the drums for benefit cuts.He was right about Social Security then?we hope he remembers that now as he prepares his State of the Union address and the Budget.You can help us remind President Obama that cutting Social Security, under the guise of ?fiscal responsibility?, makes no ?cents?. Join our campaign and send the White House a ?Makes No Cents? letter. It?s easy?

Download our letter here.1. Print out the second page with the message for President Obama.2. Tape a penny on the designated circle.3. Sign your name and write your address.4. Fold along the lines.5. Place in a standard envelope. Use a 44 cent stamp.6. Address envelope to:

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500