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Four new challengers running for Congress in Michigan, Florida, California, and Alabama have garnered the endorsement of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare:   Matt Morgan (MI-01); David Holden (FL-19); Josh Harder (CA-10); and Peter Joffrion (AL-05).

“These challengers are staunch defenders of seniors’ retirement and health security, seeking to unseat incumbents who have undermined those priorities by voting with President Trump and the current leadership in Congress on key issues.  They have all demonstrated genuine concern for the seniors in their districts and pledged to protect and expand earned benefits – not only for today’s retirees but for future generations, too” said Max Richtman, President and CEO of the National Committee.

Matt Morgan, a veteran of the U.S. Marines, is challenging Rep. Jack Bergman for the U.S. House seat in Michigan’s first district. “About one in four folks here in the 1st District is a senior who’s a beneficiary, so we have to protect Social Security, keep it solvent, and make sure it continues to grow at a rate so that the senior citizens can survive on it,” said Morgan, who also supports expanding Medicare.  Incumbent Bergman voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which protects older Americans with pre-existing conditions, and supported the Trump/GOP tax scheme.

David Holden is running to unseat incumbent Rep. Francis Rooney in Florida’s 19th district, which has a senior population of 31% – almost double the national average.  Holder’s campaign focuses on the credo that quality health care is a right, not a luxury.  He wants to make sure that older residents and those with pre-existing conditions continue to enjoy protections in the Affordable Care Act.  Congressman Rooney – who voted to repeal Obamacare and supported the Trump/GOP tax scheme – receives a low, 20% rating from the National Committee.

Josh Harder, a venture capitalist in California’s 10th district, is another advocate of preserving the Affordable Care Act, which incumbent Rep. Jeff Denham voted to repeal.  (Denham also wins low marks on the National Committee’s legislative scorecard).  Loss of the ACA would have deprived coverage to some 100,000 constituents. In addition to strengthening the ACA, Harder has campaigned on allowing imports of prescription drugs from Canada to lower health care costs for working families and retirees.

Peter Joffrion seeks to represent the Congressional district that includes Huntsville, Alabama, where he currently serves as City Attorney.   Joffrion insists that “We must ensure that senior citizens continue to be covered by Medicare and find ways to make Social Security financially solvent without raising age eligibility or capping benefits.”  His opponent, Rep. Mo Brooks, supports ‘reforming’ Social Security, including allowing individuals to invest some of their payroll contributions in private accounts, and changing Medicare so that it is fully managed by private insurers.

With less than three weeks until election day, the National Committee has endorsed more than 70 candidates for federal office during the 2018 cycle.  We support candidates – both incumbents and challengers – who demonstrate a commitment to protecting and expanding seniors’ retirement and health security.

Josh Harden Letter of Endorsement

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