“Today, the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare PAC is proud to endorse Bob Casey (D-PA) for reelection to the United States Senate. Bob Casey is one of the best friends that seniors have in the Senate — and as the Commonwealth’s senior Senator, he has fought to protect the earned benefits of the nearly 3 million Pennsylvanians receiving Social Security and Medicare. As Chairman of the influential Senate Aging Committee, Senator Casey has been a leader in the field of aging policy, working to ensure that all seniors are able to live with dignity.

On the National Committee’s Congressional Scorecard, Senator Casey has earned a lifetime record of 100%, a rare achievement that speaks to his commitment to older Americans. Every time he was faced with a vote on Social Security and Medicare, Senator Casey stood with the Commonwealth’s seniors and their families — and opposed efforts to cut, weaken, or privatize these crucial programs.

As Chair of the Senate Aging Committee, Bob Casey has used his perch to hold scammers and profiteers accountable, push for greater accommodations for disabled Americans, and to improve Social Security’s modest benefits. His vote was essential in passing and protecting the Affordable Care Act, cracking down on Big Pharma’s price gouging, and lowering insulin costs.

Pennsylvanians know that they can trust Bob Casey — and they will need him more than ever in the Senate next year. Make no mistake, Social Security and Medicare are on the ballot. Radical MAGA extremists are plotting how they can gut Social Security and Medicare — while making the Trump tax cuts for the wealthy permanent. Senator Casey understands that Social Security and Medicare are not ‘entitlements,’ but earned benefits that working Pennsylvanians pay into. Those who want to destroy these benefits are emboldened. Sending Bob Casey back to the United States Senate will send a loud and clear message that voters stand with champions of Social Security and Medicare.” – Max Richtman, President and CEO, National Committee to Protect Social Security and Medicare


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