NCPSSM’s political action committee (PAC) is endorsing Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) for re-election today in Madison.   The organization’s president and CEO, Max Richtman, will present Senator Baldwin with a pair of signature red boxing gloves, declaring her a “champion of Wisconsin seniors,” at a Social Security and Medicare roundtable at Oakwood Village West this afternoon.

“Tammy Baldwin truly understands the needs of older Wisconsinites. She saw firsthand the importance of strengthening and protecting seniors’ earned benefits when she served as her grandmother’s primary caregiver, and she has carried that experience forward during her service to all Wisconsinites in the United States Senate,” says Richtman

Since Tammy Baldwin first was elected to the Senate, she has routinely scored 100 percent on the National Committee’s Congressional scorecard for casting votes that are good for seniors and their families, including:

  • Opposing efforts to privatize Social Security;
  • Expanding Medicare benefits;
  • Lowering seniors’ prescription drug costs via the Inflation Reduction Act.

The Inflation Reduction Act passed the Senate by one vote. Without Senator Baldwin’s vote, Medicare would not have been able to negotiate lower drug prices with Big Pharma, and seniors would not be getting a $2,000 cap on their out-of-pocket drug costs.  Nor would we have a $35 monthly cap on insulin for Medicare patients. Thanks to her, we do.

Meanwhile, Senator Baldwin’s millionaire banker opponent has said he would “absolutely” support cutting Social Security benefits and is in favor of raising the retirement age. He praised Paul Ryan’s 2012 budget proposal to cut more than $200 billion from Medicare, and said he wanted to go even further with slashing spending.

“Without Tammy Baldwin’s vote in the Senate, I am afraid that proposals to cut and undermine seniors’ earned benefits will become priorities on Capitol Hill next year. There is much work to be done to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare in the next Congress — and that is why we truly need Senator Baldwin back in the U.S. Senate in the next Congress, fighting hard for older Americans,” says Richtman.


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