“MAGA House Republicans are demonstrating their hostility to working Americans and retirees via their Fiscal Year 2025 budget resolution.  The MAGA budget includes trillions of dollars in cuts to domestic spending while extending the Trump/GOP tax giveaways to the wealthy and profitable corporations that swelled the debt.  Equally troubling:  the House GOP budget resolution calls for the creation of a fiscal commission to scrutinize mandatory spending, which includes Social Security and Medicare.  We fiercely oppose such a commission as a scheme for cutting seniors’ earned benefits while shielding members of Congress from accountability.  Social Security and Medicare Part A do not contribute to the debt.  Seniors’ earned benefits should be protected from a commission that would fast-track benefit cuts. If MAGA Republicans really want to reduce the debt, they should start by letting the Trump tax cuts expire.  Current and future seniors on fixed incomes should not be punished for the GOP’s fiscal recklessness.” – Max Richtman, President and CEO, National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare


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