News Release

“The National Committee supports Congressman John Larson’s bill (and similar efforts by Senate Democrats) to reverse President Trump’s executive order cutting payroll taxes for the rest of the year.  The President was wrong to circumvent Congress when it was clear that Democrats and many Republicans opposed his reckless proposal to interfere with Social Security’s funding stream. And it is right for Congress to use its powers to undo an executive action that not only threatens Americans’ earned benefits, but overwhelmingly favors high-earners while doing little to stimulate the economy.  Furthermore, the President has needlessly sown confusion among both employers and employees.  Upon signing the executive order, President Trump pledged to “eliminate payroll taxes” altogether if elected to a second term, which Social Security’s chief actuary estimated would deplete the trust fund by 2023.  Let us be clear:  American workers do not want the President tampering with their earned benefits, period.  Congress can – and should – stop him.” Max Richtman, president and CEO, National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare  


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