$1.5 trillion in Debt Today; Retirement and Health Insecurity Tomorrow

News Release

“By passing their Robin Hood-in-Reverse tax legislation today, House Republicans have sent a crystal-clear message:  the elderly, disabled, poor, and working class are no longer part of the GOP’s vision for America.  This craven giveaway to the wealthy and big corporations at the expense of everyone else flies in the face of public opinion, basic decency, and good old common sense.  The tax bill is especially dangerous for seniors.  By ballooning the deficit, Republicans have teed up a raid on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid to make up the difference.  The repeal of the medical expense deduction will punish seniors paying out of pocket for treatment of chronic and serious diseases – or long-term care. Congressional Republicans have pledged allegiance to their wealthy donors over the well-being of everyday Americans.  But the public has made plain its disdain for the Trump/GOP tax scam.  As this reckless legislation moves to the other side of the Capitol, we urge Senators of conscience to show courage and do what House Republicans refused to:  stop the tax juggernaut before it does irreparable harm to our nation.” Max Richtman, President and CEO, National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.



The National Committee, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization acts in the interests of its membership through advocacy, education, services, grassroots efforts and the leadership of the Board of Directors and professional staff.  The work of the National Committee is directed toward developing better-informed citizens and voters.


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