News Release

“The House Congressional leadership was destined to lose on their disastrous American Health Care Act, which would have effectively repealed Obamacare and hurt seniors, including beneficiaries of Medicare and Medicaid. It doesn’t matter whether they pulled or failed to pass the bill. It needed to go down and we thank the millions of National Committee members and supporters – and those of other senior advocacy organizations – whose protests were loud, numerous, and furious.

President Trump said ‘no one knew’ that health care could be so complicated. Hopefully, he has learned a lesson… that health legislation is built on a complex foundation that considers the real human needs – and costs – of changes to the system. A common refrain from Donald Trump during the campaign was, “What do you have to lose by electing me?” Now we know what’s at stake: affordable health care for older Americans, Medicare, and Medicaid.

The fight is far from over and we must not rest on our laurels. Today’s action doesn’t preclude Congressional leadership from reviving the repeal of Obamacare, or proceeding with plans to privatize Medicare and raise the eligibility age. We at the National Committee will remain vigilant in the face of future threats to seniors’ healthcare and earned benefits by fortifying our “firewall” in the Senate against dangerous bills from the House side, mobilizing and educating the public, and making our voices heard in the halls of Congress and across the nation.” – Max Richtman is President & CEO of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare



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